How to stay calm in a job interview

While it might not be quite up there with your wedding day or possibly even the final game of the season, a job interview certainly has the ability to bring on the nerves. Nerves are a great indication that you actually want the job, but it’s best to keep them in check - fortunately there are a few ways to do just that

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Take a deep breath

It may seem obvious, but it truly does work. Pausing to take a deep breath after your first line really will help you to relax and give yourself time to adapt to the situation - especially if you’re asked to start your interview with a short presentation.

A big part of the reason why people get nervous is due to the tension of a new scenario being placed in front of them, so slowing down the moment and attempting to relax can help to ease any stress.

Be prepared

One of the best ways of making yourself relaxed is to feel in control, so prepare as much as you can and revise thoroughly. Research the company and its competitors, prepare your questions and answers, make sure you know the route to the office and bring some examples of prior work with you if you can.

Some particularly determined candidates have even been known to research their interviewers in order to see if they have anything in common to bond over! Basically, get as much done in advance as possible.

Drink water

Here’s a very simple one – if you get nervous then there’s a good chance that your mouth will become dry, so bring a bottle of water with you to your job interview. Don’t presume that you’ll be offered a drink when you arrive.

Sit up straight

Another easy tip is simply to sit up straight. Not only will this make you look more professional, but it will also ensure that you’re voice better projects. Even if you’re a complete wreck on the inside, sitting up straight means that it’s less likely to show.

Treat the interview as a conversation

Now this one’s harder. If you can manage to approach the interview as you would a normal conversation, then your fears will be dramatically reduced. But, whether you can do this or not, you should walk into the room confidently and with a smile in order to help defuse any initial tension.

Focus on your strengths

If you’ve managed to secure a job interview with the company then you must be doing something right, so take that confidence in with you. Don’t worry about what the interviewer is thinking - if you go in with a clear idea of the points and image that you want to get across then you’ll have a far greater chance of being successful.

One of the best ways to do this is to rehearse what you’re going to say. If preparing your exact answers makes you feel more comfortable, then do that, but it’s probably best to just outline the points that you want to make in response to each possible question. This is likely to make you seem more open, honest and genuine.