What to wear to a travel job interview

“First impressions count”. We’ve all heard it many times and it’s entirely true, so leave your trackie bottoms at home, clean your teeth and give yourself a far better chance of landing that travel job by following a few simple rules

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Get smart

Often you’ll be unaware of the dress code in an office when you arrive for a job interview, but if you’re unsure, then it’s always worth opting for a smart approach. Either a skirt or trouser suit is a reliable option for women, while a buttoned-up shirt and tie is essential for men.

Turning up dressed in a suit when everyone else in the office is in a t-shirt and jeans can be temporarily embarrassing, but if you arrive in a t-shirt when everyone else is wearing a shirt and tie, then you’re simply not going to get the job.

Neutral colours

Wear a yellow shirt underneath a green suit and you’ll undoubtedly make a strong first impression, but you'll also stand a good chance of them never wanting to see you again. Keep your colours neutral by opting for black, grey, navy or other variations. Ties and women’s shirts can be treated with a bit more freedom but be very careful about using excessively bright colours.

Minimal make up / jewellery

Is your interviewer allergic to certain perfumes? You don’t know, so it may not be worth risking it. Equally, wearing too much make-up or jewellery can be off-putting and distract from your answers, so women should consider wearing natural colours and avoid any bright lipsticks or eyeliners.

Shave, trim etc

If you’re even vaguely in need of a haircut then this is the ideal time for it and, for men, either have a close shave or at least tidy up your beard.

For those with long hair, it could be sensible to tie it up to create a more professional look and minimise the chances of your hair distracting you (and your interviewer) during the job interview.

Shoes and belts (wear them!)

You probably didn’t need to be reminded to wear shoes, but you might need a reminder to polish them. For some reason, many employers pay a great deal of attention to interviewees’ footwear, so scrub up and score an instant plus point.

Also, you can get another easy tick just from wearing a belt. If the belt loops of your trousers are showing, then your outfit will look unfinished.

Don’t flaunt it

Whether you’re hot or not, a job interview simply isn’t the place to be flaunting your body, so dress demurely and look professional. Minimal cleavage and leg should be shown by women and, similarly, men shouldn’t wear shirts or trousers that are too tight. If you’re constantly re-arranging your outfit, then you’ll look unprepared and won’t be giving your answers your full attention.

Tattoos and piercings

Depending on the employer and the type of travel job that you’re going for, it might be worth removing any piercings before the interview.

Obviously it’s not quite so easy to remove your tattoos, so simply do your best to conceal any that you have. Many employers are now very welcoming to staff with tattoos, but you don't yet know your interviewer so don’t let any particularly noticeable markings have a potentially negative effect on your job chances.