Big rise in new travel vacancies in July

C&M Travel Recruitment’s Activity Index – July 2023 

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  • Placements increase for third month in row
  • Small dip in new candidates

Travel vacancies rise

The number of new job vacancies being made available in the travel industry jumped by 46 per cent last month, according to the latest figures from C&M Travel Recruitment.

July's big increase marked the third highest monthly total of the year so far. Compared to previous years, the number was down by six per cent from July 2022, down by 24 per cent from July 2021 and down by nine per cent from July 2018, but up by seven per cent from July 2019, up by one per cent from July 2017 and up by 14 per cent from July 2016.

There was also positive news in terms of placements with a 14 per cent monthly increase in the number of candidates being awarded new travel jobs. Placements have now risen for three consecutive months, with July's total being the highest since March. Compared to previous years, July 2023 was down by 49 per cent from July 2022, up by 27 per cent from July 2021 and down by 11 per cent from July 2019.

Small fall in candidates

The number of new candidates searching for travel jobs saw a small dip in July with a four per cent fall from the previous month. Last month’s total was also down by seven per cent from July 2022 and 29 per cent from July 2021, but was up by 51 per cent from July 2020, up by 35 per cent from July 2019 and up by 34 per cent from July 2018.

Speaking about the stats, Barbara Kolosinska, Managing Director at C&M Travel Recruitment, said: "With new vacancies and placements both increasing, and only a small dip in new candidates, July was a positive month for travel recruitment.

"It's mid-summer with all of the usual holiday distractions, so we don't expect activity to truly pick up again until September, but last month still saw many travel companies recruiting for a variety of very attractive new roles. And it's a great time to do it – while some companies will wait until the autumn before focusing on recruitment, those who start hiring early will have the pick of the summer candidates."


All figures are drawn from the month’s new vacancies advertised with C&M Travel Recruitment.

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